UX/UI and Front-end development for Business Area of Fiditalia's corporate web site.

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I'm Gregory, a UI designer and Front-end Developer of 28 years old. I’ve been always passionated about design and street art.
When I was a kid I used to draw graffiti on the walls. From this experience, I realized that I would have loved to do a job that would allow me to express my passion for art, even if only partly; that’s why I chose to study graphic design.
Not only the walls, but also pc: in my spare time I’ve been studying websites, trying to figure out the secrets and rules of design, the functional balance of any layout and techniques of modern development.

Moving from spray to brushes of Photoshop and Illustrator had its benefits: my hands don’t get dirty anymore and I do practice while sitting comfortably at my place.
What has remained unchanged, is my attitude to research and experiment new particular and detailed fonts, which capture the attention.

I'm also a big fan of tattoos (which I consider an art form): my favorite style is Japanese, because I believe that it is able to express the strength and ancient spirituality of the lands of the rising sun, through a perfect graphics, full of details and colors.

I really like movies. I tend to watch any genre, giving more attention to the creation of the film and how it is realized. Some names?
Refn, Park Chan Wook, Alejandro González and Takashi Miike, without forgetting Tarantino.

I’m mad also for fashion style and street wear. I like to be original in any occasion from an elegant dinner to an hip-hop concert.
I tend to have a personal style, selecting particular clothes and outfits, as well as I wish all my own works would be.

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